Let's make I.T. affordable.

Landing Page

A basic landing page that can be found in a search engine is a good start. $100/yr will get you a basic domain and a landing page.

Simple. Cheap. Easy. Send us your service times, address, and links to your social media and we will setup a simple landing page. Available here.


For $200/yr you will get a basic domain and a GhostJS site. (Like the site you are looking at. Wordpress is really a dinosaur these days...) You will get login credentials and will be able to make all updates yourself.

Basic Network Kit - Affordable way to get hardware.

For $2000/yr we offer a hardware kit that includes a pfSense style firewall/router, Samba Server with 4TB storage, two Wifi Access Points, and cloud backup. This setup is ideal for churches with 1-10 PCs on the network. There is a $1000 setup fee. $2000/yr or $167/mo. The cost includes the lease of the equipment. There are no cancellation fees. If you want to stop the service give us a call and ship back the equipment and you will receive no further bills. This product is only available within 100 miles of Columbus, OH.